Ideas, programs in other places ~ reference spot

I’m just going to compile a list in this post over time about the different programs that have begun around the country, maybe world wide. They may have ideas that may work here, and why not have them all in one place?

Wisconsin- Perinatal Foundation, Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care (website)

Two team members presented “Pebbles in a Pond: The Wisconsin Experience” at the 2005 Postpartum Support International conference, in San Jose, CA. Their website link above leads to their Program Initiative Phases page. Also on that page are links to information about Postpartum Depression, Perinatal Depression Resources, PMD and the Workplace, plus Screening Tools.

Also included are stories from mothers of various backgrounds–African American, Native American, Amish, Hmong, Latina and one of unspecified cultural background. Plus there’s a quiz related to cultural competence, related to the stories. Perinatal Depression Resources

California-Santa Barbara County First 5 (website)

Postpartum Support International founder, Jane Honikman and two others presented the Postpartum Depression/Attachment Strategic Plan (2006) in a well-attended break-out session at the 2008 PSI Conference in Houston, TX. They did a very thorough plan, and the three presenters fascinated the audience. Santa Barbara and counties are far more remote than I’d ever realized, even with having driven through Santa Barbara and up the coast.

The Strategic Plan is near the bottom third of the list on the website, and linked, here.

Pennsylvania-Pennsylvania Perinatal Partnership

Postpartum Progress mentioned this here, which is what prompted me to write this whole post. She’s also on my Blog Role.

This is a Powerpoint about the process of creating a partnership between Healthy Start and the Title V programs in Pennsylvania. And a write up here by the Maternal and Child Health Branch, Using Managed Care Contracts to Promote Child Health.

That’s it for today. More will be added on this post later.

August 2, 2008

Illinois-they have a few big things going on!

UIC Perinatal Mental Health Project states on the front page of their site

The Illinois Perinatal Mental Health Project is designed to increase the capacity of prenatal and primary health care providers throughout Illinois to diagnose and treat depression and anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum. This project is funded by the Health Resources and Services Administration, the Michael Reese Health Trust and the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services.

Which leads me to another find.  The Illinois Maternal and Child Health section on the Illinois government pages.  There is a new initiative labeled on the MCH home page, Recognizing and Treating Perinatal Depression.  Melanie Blocker Stokes lived in Illinois–the MOTHERS Act/Melanie Blocker Stokes Bill is named after her and her untimely, perinatal mood disorder-related death.  Her mother, Carol Blocker, is a strong advocate in Illinois as well as nationally.