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The goal of this blog is to be PPD Hawaii central.  Let me know if there’s something coming up related to perinatal mood disorders (PMDs) (a.k.a. postpartum depression). Training. Or if there is news around the islands related to it. Legislation. An outstanding provider. Outstanding clinic or health center. Something you notice that needs to happen. A great story of recovery. Anything related to perinatal mood disorders here in Hawaii.


In 1994, after the birth of her 2nd child, Diane Ashton experienced severe postpartum anxiety with intrusive thoughts. It wasn’t until 2001, when Oprah discussed postpartum depression with Marie Osmond that Diane realized there was a term for what she had been through years earlier.

She started talking with women online immediately, eventually hosting a postpartum depression board for 2 1/2 years on one of the large international baby websites. She currently moderates a private PPD forum on a Honolulu bulletin board.

Diane initially attended training in Hawaii through Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies-Hawaii in 2001, then in California with authors of “Beyond the Blues”, and again at Postpartum Support International (PSI) conferences starting in 2004.

She is an Area Support Co-coordinator in Hawaii, the Pacific Region Coordinator,  and Warmline Volunteer Coordinator for Postpartum Support International.  She founded a grass-roots organization, PPD Support Hawaii in 2004 to bring support, education and awareness to mothers, families and professionals. PPD Support HI has had a weekly support group running since September 2004.

For media, organization, and professional inquiries please call (HI)-392-7985 For moms and families seeking support visit