“Building the Perinatal Network”

This starts/ed at 8 am. HST through 9:30.  The slides and recording of the webinar will be available on PDIN’s website, http://www.pdinfonetwork.org

So far, this is excellent.  They are talking about what they said they would be and not trying to promote products.

Illinois, the home state of the Jennifer Mudd Houghtailing organization presents first.  Good speaker, good information.  One question from the audience was do they use the PPDS for screening.  No–the EDPS has been validated with a multitude of  cultures around the world.  Not mentioned is the fact that the EDPS is free, readily available, only 10 questions, and easy to score.

Ohio was up next.  Lots of research and data, an excellent program there in Ohio, with a website offering a ton of resources including some online videos for mothers and for professionals.

North Carolina is sharing their program development from starting with the idea that it is not okay to do nothing.  Yes!!!!  Good presentation!

Hawaii providers, here’s the link so you too can attend this excellent webinar.  http://www.pdinfonetwork.org/events  Look for the Dec. 12, 2009 event, Building the Perinatal Network.