It’s two days later and I think I’m almost caught up on sleep again.  I think we moms have settled out again, feet firmly on the ground.

Going to any kind of training and hearing about “PPD” from experts–hearing about it from people other than your peer “PPD moms” or your therapist, I’ll say this for all of us, does have an impact.  Even 15 years out, there’s always some little nugget that gets underneath and has you questioning your parenting skills or brings you back to the “did I do right for my baby?” thinking.

We had our usual Tuesday support group the next morning and processed the events from Monday.  This was after a phone call or two to check in about possibly raw emotions.  If there are moms outside the support group that had some emotional upheaval from the training, please follow the links and call PPD Support Hawaii or talk it out with a trustworthy friend.

Our wonderful volunteer Elaine is compiling the reviews, so I’ll get back to you on that.

Verbally though, people had many, many positive things to say.  The energy felt that way as well.  Thank you for being open to learning more and for your positive energy throughout the event.