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and has since 1/26/09. H.R. 20, NOW is the time to pass Postpartum Depression legislation also known as the Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act

Thank you, Ms. Hirono!


It had to happen eventually, right?  Yes, moms, you’ll be able to connect to a support group from the comfort of your own home.  You won’t have to have a webcam, necessarily, to start.  Your facilitator will have one and you’ll be able to sign in via Instant Messenger or voice alone, on Yahoo.

PPD Support HI will be starting this, once a month to begin with, on the 3rd Wednesday evening of each month… 9 pm. HST.  Contact them via the previous link, and then their “Contact Us” tab.  They also have a weekly daytime group, face to face–check it out on their website.

MedEd PPD reports on a new research article in Maternal Child Health Journal on “Using the internet to screen for postpartum depression“.  The results are interesting as those answering via internet had higher scores (more likely depressed), and more Asian and Hispanic mothers participated via internet than in person.  The conclusion was that the Internet is a “viable and feasible tool to screen for PPD.”

PPD Support Hawaii has an online Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale linked on their About PPD page.