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Diane Ashton, founder of PPD Support HI is the Honolulu Advertiser’s Mom of the Week, this last week of December 2008.

Read the story HERE.  (shucks)


New parents in Hawaii can join a telephone support call every Wednesday.  What a great option when you can’t get out of the house!

Wednesdays, Postpartum Support International has a toll-free phone call to chat with an expert.  The times alternate between 4 pm Hawaii Time and 7 am HST.

This is a place where Moms, family members, support people for moms, or professionals can find some answers. This is a place where you can find honest and compassionate talk about the adjustment to motherhood or mood changes during or after pregnancy.

Participation can be anonymous. There is no need to register, the sessions are live and free, and the facilitators are licensed mental health professionals.

This week’s chat will be on Wednesday, December 10, 4pm Hawaii Time

You can join the call to talk or just to listen to others discuss resources, symptoms, options and general information with an experienced member of Postpartum Support International. You can talk from the privacy of your own home and there is no need to pre-register or give your name. Sessions are informational only and open to anyone with questions and concerns about themselves, a loved one, friend or family member.

See this link for details

It’s rare yet to find much for dads experiencing postpartum depression–either their own or their wife’s “PPD”.  Although this isn’t a local Hawaii resource, it will no doubt prove to be a great source of support and strength;  the Postpartum Dads Project

It’s launch day already.  Stop by and see if you recognize “yourself”, maybe in “John’s Story”.

Congrats on your launch, David and Lauren!

The next Perinatal Advocacy Network Meeting (PAN) is scheduled for Friday, December 5, 2008.   10am to 12noon.  See the Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Hawaii website for details.

My postpartum library is probably about two dozen strong now, ranging from first person stories like Brooke Shields book “Down Came the Rain” to the clinical like “Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders: Perspectives and Treatment Guide for the Health Care Practitioner” by Susan Dowd Stone.

The book I’m currently reading, and nodding furiously while I post-it mark and highlight things that ring true, state the unsaid, or make me want to jump up and down for the validation, is Karen Kleiman’s “Therapy and the Postpartum Woman: Notes on Healing Postpartum Depression for Clinicians and the Women Who Seek Their Help“.  If you’re treating parents experiencing a perinatal mood/anxiety disorder (“PPD”), I HIGHLY recommend reading this book.  It’s very readable and she does an excellent job of capturing the feelings new moms (parents) experience while navigating through the unexpected detour of “PPD”.  AND she does all of this within a clinician’s context. Reading this book feels as it would if you were sitting face-to-face in one of her training sessions [eta: or along side of her during a client session, with commentary].

Ms. Kleiman has been writing about “PPD” since 1994 and treating women with “PPD” for longer than that since 1988.  She lives in New Jersey and is the founder of the Postpartum Stress Center.