A mom recently told me that her doctor said to her before he gave her the PPD screening (yay, screening!!!) that “there is no reason to be depressed” after having a baby.

She made a note-to-self and answered the questions as if she wasn’t feeling like she probably had “PPD”.

[Edit]–I need to mention that she then found a therapist and is very happy with the support she is receiving there. [/edit]

I think this happens when people–all kinds of people–don’t understand, are afraid, or don’t have referral resources.  Or maybe they are being told by their organization or other entity that they must screen each mom now.

PPD therapist Karen Kleiman, MSW, just published her third book “Therapy and the Postpartum Woman“.  The first two lines sum it up really well, and demonstrate the knowledge to come:  “Postpartum depression is not always what it looks like.  Women who are really ill can present well and look good.  Really good.”  There is a collective “amen” going up from women with and recovered from “PPD”.

All this to say, there is a broad, broad range of understanding out there.  And it’s better than it was only 10 years ago.