Some good news at PPD Support HI–referrals to their services are increasing.

When grassroots organization PPD Support HI started in fall of 2004, it took some time to actually receive a response. …That first phone call. In fact, the first call may have come in 3 months later, in January of 2005. Somewhere the records show whether it came through the Postpartum Support International (PSI) website or, the other very strong possibility, from Nancy Partika then at Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies of Hawaii.

Initially, moms called very concerned and upset and not sure what was “wrong” with them. Sometimes equally concerned fathers or the mom’s mother called to find out what was going on, where to go, or what to do to help.

In the last while though, PPD Support HI has also received more calls from providers looking to refer their clients with “PPD” for support, information and the support group.

Mothers calling are more often calling after being diagnosed these days.

Big shift! Does that mean doctors are diagnosing more often now? Or that mothers are seeking help sooner? Are they going to their doctors saying “I think I have PPD”? Or perhaps the Brown Bags Lunch from October, all about “Perinatal Mood Disorders”, coordinated by Marya Grambs at Mental Health America of Hawaii is still making ripples in the pond, increasing referrals to PPD Support HI.

Good job, Hawaii. You’re making a difference in PPD here in Hawaii.

(I write this blog, and I’m the founder of PPD Support HI, just so you know–and the above is still good news!)