I was talking to someone’s mother recently–she was trying to locate help for postpartum anxiety and I told her about HMSA’s He Hapai Pono program -the Good Pregnancy. I’ve referred stressed, depressed and anxious new moms who have HMSA medical coverage to He Hapai Pono regularly for a few years now. It was after normal office hours on the weekend. I wondered whether there was someone to talk to if you called their listed “in case you feel that you need help immediately” phone number.

Well, I’m game–and gave it a shot. At first I got an answering machine message with two options, option #1 was to speak to someone right away. I thought the call maybe forwarded to Hawaii’s ACCESS Line, the state-run crisis line (832-3100, 1-800-753-6879 for Neighbor Islands). I pressed “1″ and almost immediately a slightly harried-sounding woman picked up the call. Just as quickly, she put me on “hold”, coming back a few moments later. Not bad for a weekend (and) evening!

No, she was definitely not ACCESS Line, she said. But she did have their number for me if I needed. I let her get back to her very busy evening and hung up relieved to know that He Hapai Pono is out there, with more than a warm line, for Hawaii’s HMSA moms struggling with pregnancy- or postpartum-depression or anxiety.

What is He Hapai Pono, you ask? Champuru wrote it up from a mom’s point of view, after learning about it, not from her own medical care organization (HMSA) but from the mothers on Hawaii Moms. And look!! If you (as an HMSA member) sign up, THEY SCREEN FOR PRENATAL DEPRESSION! Kudos!

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[…] offers screening to expectant and postpartum moms if mom signs up for He Hapai Pono, The Good […]

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