I’m always inspired. It shouldn’t be a headline that I was inspired but it is.

This year the Postpartum Support International Conference was in Houston, Texas. In the postpartum world, that means George Parnham, Andrea Yates and her 5 children, retrials, postpartum psychosis. Inspiring.

It’s been two years since I’ve attended the conference and in those two years it has grown exponentially! The coordinators’ dinner this year was about the size of the entire conference dinner in 2004 or 2005. Makes me all warm just thinking about it, the growth. Wow.

So I met Ms. Postpartum Progress there (well, and a ton of others in the PPD world too!) and she’s a lot of the inspiration behind the blog. But so are the other Hawaii attendees. “How do we gather more people to start screening new moms?”we asked ourselves. So, maybe this will help.

The goal of this blog is to be PPD Hawaii central. You maybe could tell that from the blog sub-head. Let me know if there’s something coming up related to perinatal mood disorders (PMDs) (a.k.a. postpartum depression). Training. Or if there is news around the islands related to it. Legislation. An outstanding provider. Outstanding clinic or health center. Something you notice that needs to happen. A great story of recovery. Anything related to perinatal mood disorders here in Hawaii.

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